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Airports are required to be extremely reliable, so when designing these systems our engineers include redundant systems, hot spares, and back up control systems to ensure the highest availability. Equipment is designed in rugged, weatherproof enclosures with very robust protection for all equipment down to cables and supports, which minimizes maintenance and protects the systems against nuisance failures from the environment or animals. We take certified systems and enhance their performance through engineering innovation while maintaining their approval but increasing their performance, such as brighter approach and runway lights.

Morris Engineering Group, Inc. provides services for aviation projects including planning, design, materials requisition, procurement support, and construction services. This includes power distribution for the airport, electrical support buildings, maintenance and emergency response buildings, runway and taxiway lighting, apron lighting, approach lighting, navaids, and instrument approach procedure development with the FAA and third party procedure developers.

 Mark Morris, the principal engineer, has been trained by the FAA in instrument procedure development. He has worked for Boeing as a flight test engineer on the 747-400 and 737 programs. Mark is also a FAA certified multi-engine instrument rated pilot. He has flown commercially in Alaska for 20 years. With this aviation experience, he brings a unique perspective to airport planning, design, and construction as an electrical engineer. For example, the airport at Pt Thomson for ExxonMobil required a design that would allow the lowest possible approach minimums, leaving the airport more accessible even during poor weather. 


  • Juneau Airport Runway Safety Area (New Lighting & Navaids)

  • Wrangell Airport Runway Safety Area (New Lighting & Navaids)

  • Petersburg Airport Runway Safety Area (New Lighting & Navaids)

  • Ketchikan Airport Runway & Taxiway Lights Replacement

  • Kuparuk Airport Renovations - ConocoPhillips Alaska Inc.

  • Point Thomson Airstrip - ExxonMobil

  • Alpine Airport Lighting

  • Angoon Airport Master Plan

  • CD3 Runway Lighting

  • Gustavus Airport Apron, Rwy and Twy Pavement Rehab

  • Haines Airport Apron Improvements

  • Hoonah Airport DOT Snow Removal Equipment Building

  • Juneau Airport Power Improvements

  • Juneau Airport Utility Expansion

  • Juneau Airport Water Meters

  • JNU Taxiway Inspection

  • JNU TWY Rehab Power Study

  • Ketchikan Airport West Taxiway

  • Kodiak, Ketchikan, Petersburg, Wrangell Airport Perimeter Fencing Upgrades

  • Petersburg Airport Apron Expansion

  • Petersburg Airport DOT Sand & Chemical Storage Building

  • Sitka Airport Apron Expansion Stage IV

  • Sitka Airport Genset Study

  • Sitka Airport Parallel Taxiway and Ramp Reconstruction

  • Sitka Airport Terminal Electrical System Renovation

  • Sitka, Gustavus, Yakutat, & Petersburg Airport Terminal TSA Improvements

  • Sitka Seaplane Base Design

  • Whitestone Logging Hangar Fuel System Hoonah Airport

  • Wrangell Airport Regulator Building Replacement​

  • Yakutat ARFF Building Electrolysis Study

  • and others

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