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Boat Harbors

As vessel power demands have increased, Morris Engineering Group, Inc. has developed design solutions to meet these needs while reducing the size of the infrastructure necessary to deliver power to the floats. Removing electrical equipment from the floats opens up the deck area for increased pedestrian flow and easier maintenance. Using low glare lighting to provide less uplands glare and less glare to vessel captains has been very popular. We have designed pedestals to have longer service lives with less maintenance through the use of doors that close over cords when they are plugged in, concealed hinges, 316 stainless steel, moving power heads up out of the way of dock carts, and many other innovations. Morris Engineering Group, Inc. has been a leader in harbor design in Alaska for years.



  • Petersburg North Harbor

  • Carl Moses Harbor (Unalaska)

  • Wrangell Shoemaker Bay

  • Robert Storrs C-Float (Unalaska)

  • Sitka Transient Float

  • and others

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