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There are some unique challenges to designing effective roadway lighting, and our engineers are experienced and equipped to work with these conditions. We are designing more uniform lighting levels and have much better control of the lighting than prior installments. Morris Engineering Group, Inc. has designed street lighting projects including residential streets, commercial streets, downtown streets, and roadway lighting for highways.

Glare control is a major factor in street lighting design. The locations of the light poles are key for both good lighting for the drivers as well as reducing spill light to adjacent property owners. We design both luminance and foot-candle levels to meet Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) lighting standards, which are adopted by AASHTO.

LED lighting has been a challenge to incorporate into street lighting due to glare control, poor reliability, overall lower light levels, and the change in the color of the light from the traditional high pressure sodium. We have worked with manufacturers to augment their glare control with additional shielding. We have done the research to see who makes reliable drivers that can deliver the necessary light at lower drive currents. This significantly increases the service life of the luminaires. We can now provide an electronic file to a manufacturer with the photometric performance we need for a luminaire instead of having to pick from five lighting distribution options.

Pole technology has also come a long way with powder coating of hot dipped stainless steel for the greatest strength and durability. Aluminum poles are also very useful for lower mounting heights, more decorative lighting, downtown areas, pedestrian walkways, etc.

Utility coordination and relocation is a significant portion of many street reconstruction projects. We have extensive experience working with project designers and utilities to reduce the impact to the utilities and therefore also the resultant cost. 


  • Anka Street Construction Services

  • Berners Ave. Reconstruction

  • Capital Transit – Valley Transit Center

  • Cessna Drive Reconstruction

  • Columbia Blvd. Reconstruction

  • Crow Hill/Lawson Creek Street Reconstruction

  • Davis Ave. Reconstruction

  • DOT Mendenhall Loop Road Capacity Improvements

  • Douglas Hwy Resurfacing

  • Evergreen Ave. Reconstruction

  • Great Western Street Reconstruction

  • Greenwood Ave.

  • Hospital Drive Lighting

  • Jerry Blvd. & Marsha Ave. Streets Reconstruction

  • JIA Access Road

  • Lakewood Blvd. Reconstruction

  • Lemon Creek Bus Turnaround

  • Lena Point Access Road

  • Linda Ave Reconstruction

  • Marsha Ave.

  • Mendenhall Blvd. Reconstruction

  • Petersburg Main St.

  • Pioneer Ave.

  • Radcliffe St. Reconstruction

  • Riverside Drive Reconstruction

  • Riverwood Subdivision Drainage Study

  • Salmon Creek Lane Extension

  • Seward St. Reconstruction

  • Shattuck Way Reconstruction

  • Sitka Intersection Safety

  • Sitka Sawmill Creek Rd

  • Sitka Steawalk

  • St. Ann’s Ave. Reconstruction

  • Statter Harbor Drive

  • Sunny Point Intersection

  • Troy Ave. Reconstruction

  • Utility Relocation Design for Ketchikan Area Bridges

  • Willoughby & Glacier Ave. Reconstruction Phase II

  • Wood Duck Ave Reconstruction

  • Wrangell Downtown Street Reconstruction

  • and others

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