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Electrical Utilities

Morris Engineering Group, Inc. has designed a variety of electrical utility work, including relocation of overhead facilities to underground, relocation and reconfiguration of underground facilities, underground facilities for subdivisions, and underground distribution. We also perform fault calculations and arc flash calculations for facilities.

Water Utilities

Our electrical systems designs for water utility facilities include pump stations, UV disinfection, chloride treatment, fluoride treatment, SCADA systems, PRVs, and other facilities. These systems include pump controls, power, standby power, programmable logic controllers, input and output monitoring, SCADA system interface, lighting, fire alarm, and computer networks.

Wastewater Utilities

We have also designed the electrical system for wastewater utility facilities including lift stations, auger and muffin monsters, and wastewater treatment plant modifications. Systems include power and controls for process equipment, motor controls, power factor correction, pump control panels, standby power, power service and distribution, motor control centers, lighting, fire alarm, and computer network systems.

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