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Infrastructure Facilities

Morris Engineering Group, Inc. designs the electrical portion of water pump stations, wastewater lift stations and wastewater treatment facilities, maintenance shops and warehouses, emergency response facilities, area and roadway lighting, bulk fueling facilities, fuel transfer facilities, and fuel dispensing facilities.

Systems include power distribution and premises wiring, pump control panels, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), SCADA control systems, motor control centers, lighting, standby generation, fire alarm, gas detection, and process monitoring and controls.


  • Barrow Pump Stations 2, 3, 4, & 5

  • Capital Transit Electric Bus Upgrades

  • Capital Transit – Valley Transit Center

  • CBJ Capital Transit Heat Trace

  • CBJ Consolidated Public Works

  • CBJ Fleet & Streets Maintenance Facility 

  • CBJ Harbors Condition Survey & Electrical Improvements

  • CBJ Last Chance Basin Water Pump Houses 1 & 2

  • CBJ Lift Station Standard Details

  • CBJ Sand/Chem Building Boiler

  • CBJ Transit System Electric Bus Charging System

  • CBJ Valley Transit Station

  • CBJ Water Utility SCADA Improvements

  • CTF Electric Bus

  • Delta Junction Bulk Fuel Plant

  • Delta Western Fuel Station

  • Eagle Creek Lift Station

  • Gruening Park Gen Building

  • Gruening Park Stand Alone

  • Gruening Park Utilities

  • Hoonah Aviation Fuel Facility

  • Hospital Drive Lift Station

  • Hunz & Hunz Skagway Bus Facility

  • JRM Subdivision Lift Station

  • Juneau Sunny Point Overpass 

  • Juneau Loop Road Roundabouts

  • Juneau Seward Street Reconstruction

  • Kake Fuel Dock & Gas Station

  • Sawmill Cove Recycling Facility 

  • Skagway Service Station & Bulk Fuels Plant

  • Sitka Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements

  • University of Alaska Juneau Pump Station Renovation

  • Valdez Fuel Facility

  • Valdez Marine Fuel Dock

  • Wrangell Solid Waste Boiler​

  • and others

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