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Marine Facilities

Often electrical systems for marine facilities have to be replaced at least once during the service life of a dock or marina, but we believe the electrical facilities should be designed to have the same service life as the structure. Salt air is extremely hard on electrical systems, so we use sealed stainless steel equipment enclosures, non-metallic raceways, and other materials that have been proven to resist the corrosive effect of the marine environment and extend the service life of the equipment.

Ketchikan Revilla.jpg

Industrial and Commercial loading and offloading facilities require low glare lighting to avoid affecting the night vision of both vessel captains and equipment operators, while still providing sufficient light to operate on shore. Placement of light poles is critical to keep the operating area clear for equipment and vessel mooring lines. We have addressed these concerns with effective solutions on multiple projects.

We have also provided the electrical design for the City & Borough of Juneau Port Visitor Center and Port Customs/Office Buildings. The design included new services, power, lighting, site lighting, fire alarm, computer network wiring, and special systems.

Morris Engineering Group, Inc. designs electrical systems for wharfs, docks, fuel offloading facilities, marinas, marina fuel dispensing facilities, and other marine structures. When we have encountered situations where market products do not suit the owner’s needs, we have provided innovative designs for new products. Some examples include harbor power pedestals and very-low glare lighting.

Our designs include 480V, three phase shore power for larger vessels, standby power generation, power distribution, power and controls for hydraulic systems, lighting, security systems including video surveillance and access control, fire alarm, power pedestals for smaller vessels, site lighting, dock lighting, and high mast lighting.


  • AMHS Auke Bay East & West Berth

  • AMHS Camera System RFP Assistance

  • AMHS Coffman Cove Stern Berth

  • AMHS Ferry Terminal Security Improvements (Video, Fencing & Ltg at 9 Facilities)

  • AMHS Ketchikan Berth 3

  • AMHS Ketchikan Berth 3 Shore Power

  • AMHS Southwest Warehouse

  • AMHS Valdez Ferry Terminal Security

  • Auke Bay Commercial Loading Facility

  • Auke Bay Ferry Terminal East Stern Berth

  • Auke Bay Ferry Terminal FVF Building Security

  • Auke Bay Loading Facility Boat Yard Structures

  • Aurora Basin Additional Pedestals

  • Aurora Basin Upgrades

  • Haines Ferry Terminal

  • Aurora Harbor Phase 3

  • Biorka Island Dock Replacement

  • CBJ Cruise Ship Terminal Staging Area

  • CBJ North Ferry Dock Widening & Cruise Ship Wharf Pedestrian Ramp & Bridge

  • CBJ Port Customs Building

  • CBJ Visitors Building

  • Chignik Dock Lighting

  • Coffman Cove Ferry Terminal

  • Coffman Cove Harbor Electrical

  • Cordova Ferry Dock Anode Replacement

  • Craig North Cove Harbor Lighting Replacement

  • Juneau Cruise Ship Wharf Pedestrian Ramp & Bridge

  • Juneau Downtown Waterfront Improvements

  • Dutch Harbor Light Cargo Dock Expansion

  • Elfin Cove Seaplane Float Modifications

  • Haines Ferry Terminal Improvements

  • Haines Portage Cove Boat Launch Improvements

  • Homer Small Boat Harbor Launch Ramp Renovations

  • Hoonah Boat Launch Rehabilitation

  • Juneau Intermediate Vessel Float New Pedestals

  • Juneau Harbors Condition Survey

  • Ketchikan Ferry Terminal Berth 3 Shore Power

  • Ketchikan Ferry Terminal Transfer Facility

  • Ketchikan Gravina Layup Facility

  • Ketchikan-Revilla Uplands Improvements

  • Metlakatla Ferry Terminal – Annette Bay

  • North Ferry Dock Wharf Widening

  • Petersburg Bulkhead Loading Dock

  • Petersburg Crane Dock

  • Petersburg Drive Down Facility

  • Petersburg Harbor Ground Current Investigation

  • Port Lions Dock

  • PSA Distribution Improvements

  • Sand Point City Dock Replacement

  • Seldovia Ferry Terminal

  • Sitka Ferry Terminal New FVF Berth

  • Sitka Harbor Standard Pedestal & Power Center

  • Skagway Dock

  • Statter Harbor Electrical Upgrade

  • Statter Harbor Parking & Pedestrian Improvements

  • Tenakee Spring Ferry Terminal

  • Unalaska UMC Dock Position 3 & 4

  • Wrangell Dock Lighting

  • and others

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